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Most homeowners wish to design their bathrooms themselves. However, the lack of knowledge and artistic craftiness prevents them from taking the leap. 


But, today there is software available that makes the job easier for homeowners to plan and design their own bathrooms. Here are the top designer and planner software for the bathroom that you may want to give a go. 


  1. DreamPlan Home Design

Available for both PC and MAC, DreamPlan Home Design software lets you create a floor plan for your bathroom. This includes where the appliances like fixtures and bathtubs would be.


If you are having trouble finding the appropriate location to place your faucet, showers, or even the linen cabinets, the software easily designs the plan in 3D, 2D rendering, and 2D blueprint mode. 


It has an extensive library of appliances, lighting, and plumbing that can be imported into the plan to see where it fits. Build walls, place the plumbings, change colors, and you are ready to export the blueprint of your bathroom. 

  1. Ashampoo Home Designer Pro

Ashampoo is a fast and intuitive 3D bathroom designer software. A ribbon toolbar is used in this software to group all the functions logically. When designing your bathroom, all the plumbing and freestanding tubs you need can be found on the toolbar very easily. 


Often the homeowners find themselves in a complicated place where they need to calculate an angle but don’t have the mathematical idea. Ashampoo does all the complex calculations for you and displays the data. The software is updated quite frequently to add more and more 3D models to help you decorate your bathroom.

  1. Live Home 3D Pro

Thanks to Live Home 3d Pro, you can design your bathroom interiors on any device you want. The fully functional application is available in all major operating systems. The best part about using this software is that you don’t need to design your bathroom in 3D mode. Just drop the 2D elements into the map and change it to render 3D objects without changing anything. 


Once you’re in 3D mode, you can paint the walls, set tiles, change the lighting, and adjust the geolocation to get different views and ambient lighting of your bathroom. It has an extensive library of furniture including different stand-alone tubs and showers.


However, if that doesn’t seem enough, you can import 3ds files from external sources to use within the software. 

  1. Total 3D Home

Total 3D Home is professional software that saves your time and money while designing your bathroom. The easy-to-use interface and the 1000+ sample plans of the software is a bliss. You can also scan and trace blueprints from the software itself to get a better understanding of your dream bathroom. 


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