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September 17, 2022 by No Comments

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    There are very few things that can ruin a trip more than forgetting things. Unfortunately, though, that’s the nature of the beast — especially if those items are small or easily forgotten. Some of us keep a list, others play it by ear. As someone who used to just grab and go before a journey, I’ve definitely grown wiser with age and now do my best to have a list of things I need to pack or bring with me.

    Not long ago, I was asked to pull together a list of road trip essentials that are an absolute must. Thankfully, there were no disclaimers on that list — just a whole lot of stuff that makes road trips better, go by faster, or some combination thereof. In this article, though, let’s talk about some accessories not necessarily tied to a road trip, but instead to travel in general — and items that are easily stashed! Consider this a head start on making a list of your own; small accessories that I’m always sure to bring with me on a trip. Or, in some instances, these are items that members of my family have brought along that caught my attention and were subsequently added to my list of must-haves.

    WiHoo Mini Travel Fan

    Buy Now $19.99

    Advertised as a car seat fan, stroller fan, or desk fan, this is truly a “use it however you want” fan. I tend to run warm — I sweat a lot — so personally, I’ve used it at an outdoor theater, waiting outside in line at a restaurant, at an airport, and in countless other environments. I’ve actually used it just sitting on the couch before, now that I think of it. Given that my wife actually purchased it to begin with, this has been used in lots of other ways in our home. Compact, light, and with plenty of ways to form the bendy tripod however you need, this was a great buy. It pushes out about the amount of air you’d expect. It has three speeds and an impressive battery life. For just a couple of dollars more, upgrade from the standard black option to either white, blue, or pink.

    Anker Portable Charger

    Buy Now $52.69

    As noted in other spaces, a portable phone/tablet charger is an absolute must for traveling, and this particular one can charge just about any mobile device. This one, as many are, is the perfect size, lightweight, and well worth the money. There’s not much worse than having a phone or tablet go dead — especially when you’re traveling. Having at least one of these sitting around can be very helpful. The charger itself also recharges quickly — a must-have!

    Bath And Body Works Hand Sanitizer

    Buy Now $18.90

    There are a lot of hand sanitizers out there, but I’m going to recommend what I use — the pocket-sized …….

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