21 ingenious bathroom gadgets & accessories on Amazon you’ll want NOW – HELLO!

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Katherine Robinson

There are some crazy bathroom gadgets out there. Did you know you can get a shower head that dispenses vitamin C and a beard grooming set that catches the mess when you shave?

Okay, how about a shower curtain with a waterproof iPad holder in it? You’ve heard it all now, right? No, I’m not making it up – these are just some of the gems we found while browsing Amazon. Keep reading for the 20 best quirkiest bathroom gadgets you’ve ever seen – but be warned, you’ll want them all immediately.

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Motion-activated toilet light

ZSZT motion activated toilet light, £7.99, Amazon


There’s no need to switch the light on during those late-night toilet trips – not if you’ve got this handy bathroom gadget! The light switches on in darkness when you get close and stays switched on until 110 seconds after you leave the 6ft range of its motion sensor. There are two modes with eight colours to choose from.

IPad shower curtain

YouTub shower curtain, £29.12, Amazon


This see-through shower curtain is truly one for device addicts. You can put your iPad or phone in the pockets and still interact with your device through the curtain – meaning you can browse social media, send messages or series hop through Nextflix to your heart’s content while you’re in the tub. Crazy!

Hairdryer holder and tool organiser

If you’ve got a small bathroom, this sturdy and elegant, anti-rust, aluminum hairdryer holder and organiser is a great space saver. It fits most hairdryers and the cups are detachable for easy cleaning. All the parts for assembly are included.

Hairdryer holder and tool organiser, £14.99, Amazon


One-handed soap dispenser

Jospeh Joseph c-pump soap dispenser, £18.59, Amazon


The C-shape of this soap dispenser means you can operate it with the back of the hand you’re washing – meaning the top of the pump head stays clean and germ-free. It works will all kinds of liquid soap and comes in two colours, green and grey – which fits in perfectly with most bathroom colour schemes.

Bathtub disco lights

Floating underwater lamp, £10.99, Amazon</…….

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