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Melissa Metrano, a fitness and lifestyle creator who recently transformed a lackluster workout space into her “dream luxury home gym,” has some tips for getting started on your own home gym improvement project.

“The most common mistake would be not having an organization system or the items you want nearby for when you need them,” Metrano says. “For example, since you’re working out in your house, you may think to grab a towel out of your linen closet when you head to your home gym or workout area, but instead why not have towels rolled up right by your cardio equipment as you need them?”

If you’re looking for inspiration, Metrano suggests taking cues from the pros. “A great place to start is to think of your favorite boutique fitness studios or gyms,” she says, “and make a list of all of the things they offer that you would want to have in your home to add those personal touches.”

We asked Metrano and other fitness and organizing experts to pick the best products for setting up a home gym, almost all priced under $25.

Metrano hit upon a simple organizing system when setting up her home gym. “I actually used a bookshelf to organize my workout items without having to take up too much space,” she says. “On one shelf I have our Peloton and workout shoes, the next shelf I have small workout gear like yoga blocks and bands, above that are white microfiber towels rolled up and a wipe dispenser, and on the top shelf I have jars for mints and hair ties.” This super-basic plastic shelving unit gets high marks for easy assembly and sturdiness, making it a great choice for a home gym.

Cubby-style shelving is another great way to get home workout equipment organized. This clear plastic unit has four cubbies that can be used to store towels, sneakers, water bottles, yoga blocks, resistance bands and even small hand weights.

Corner shelving units are an excellent way to make use of space that often goes to waste, which is crucial in a home gym where space is often at a premium. This freestanding corner shelf has five tiers that can be used to store all your home workout gear, from extra hair ties to equipment wipes.

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Source: https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/06/cnn-underscored/home-gym-organization


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