4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Staging Your Home – House Digest

September 24, 2022 by No Comments

This may be the most vital thing to consider when selling a home. As Storeys, a real estate news site, indicates, don’t let potential buyers walk through a completely empty house for lots of reasons. Interior designers will tell you that while some people may be good at color matching or placing accessories, they’re bad at gauging scale. Most of us need furniture in an interior to give us perspective. In addition, the rooms look smaller in a house that’s empty, devoid of basics.

Also, an empty house, no matter how neat and clean, will seem cold and impersonal, and worse, blank floors and walls will allow potential buyers to focus on minor flaws rather than concentrating on the home’s potential. Finally, just as realtors and stagers will advise a seller to declutter and remove accessories and smaller pieces of furniture out of a room, they will also advise leaving a few pieces so buyers can get their heads around how their things might fit inside.

Source: https://www.housedigest.com/1016039/mistakes-you-should-avoid-when-staging-your-home/


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