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Upgrading your home doesn’t have to mean removing walls or tearing up flooring. It can be as simple as finding better organizational solutions or preventing damage that feels inevitable. Amazon offers plenty of goods that take your home to the next level without emptying your bank account. As a DIY enthusiast, I know that with the right tools, you can make any house a home. Check out these 40 cheap home improvement products that work so freaking well.

First up, you’ll find home products that protect your belongings. From covers for your refrigerator door handles to a drain protector, these simple changes to take care of your home will save you money in the long run. I’ve also included some cleaning kits that will revive your tired tile, appliances, or electronics. These simple switches can make your home feel nicer, more efficient, and in turn, make your home a better place to be.

Don’t worry: if you’re bummed out by your home’s current aesthetic, I have a few things that will do the trick. I’ve added unique products like peel-and-stick tiles that will add some character while hiding those ugly tiles you loathe but don’t want to spend the money to demolish.

These highly rated and reviewed products are under budget and you may be surprised by how big of an impact they really make.


The refrigerator deodorizers that keep your kitchen fresh

A smelly home often begins in the refrigerator, but these affordable deodorizers will change all of that. Within hours, you’ll notice odors disappear and stay gone. The non-toxic deodorizers last for six months and can even keep your fruits and veggies fresher for twice as long. They’re compact, leakproof, and can be placed anywhere in your fridge.


An outlet shelf that’s perfect for smart devices

This under-$10 fix gives you a little extra counter space right where you need it. This home outlet shelf turns any ordinary outlet into a convenient stand for speakers, beauty products, or voice-activated smart devices. The shelves can sit above an outlet and hold up to 10 pounds.


These biodegradable trash bags make it easy to compost

Many of the food scraps you throw away can be composted, but separating your trash can be a messy job. Keep things clean and separate with these compostable trash bags. This pack of 50 includes large six-gallon biodegradable bags that are thick, strong, and better for the planet. You can place lawn clippings, leaves, and plant-based materials like food scraps in these bags and compost the entire thing.


This food container set that’s stackable and transparent

These stackable food containers are cute and they keep your snacks fresh. They’re made of glass and come in three sizes: 10, 20, and 34 ounces. The dishwasher-safe lids and containers create an airtight closure, while the transparent design makes it easy to see all your snacks or ingredients and how much of each you have left.


The drain protector that prevents clogs

Skip the expensive plumber bills and prevent clogged drains before they happen with this drain protector. The stainless steel protector nestles inside of the drain so it won’t float away in your …….

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