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Power Up Lightning to U.S.B. Tassel Keychain

A charger can be a convenient gift for someone who uses their phone. But trying to find and untangle the charger while your phone is already at 5% is frustrating. Behold, this gift is a keychain with a U.S.B. lightning cable that can save you from such problems. Slide it from the strap and plug it into a power bank to charge your phone wherever and whenever.


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Ceramic Bottle

You know how much your girlfriend loves to cook for you, and she regularly uses some form of olive oil to amp up the flavor. Give her this extra virgin olive oil as a refined gift she will use in the kitchen. Also, the beautiful cobalt blue ceramic bottle is aesthetically pleasing to use as home decoration or she can reuse it to store other liquids.

Get it from Neiman Marcus.

Temple Bell Spiral Garden Mobile

A wind chime is the gift of zen and tinkling sound for your lover who enjoys a bit of serenity. Hang this collection of spiraling golden temple bells at the place where she can hear and see them twist and twirl as the wind blows — by the entrance, inside the house, and near the window, in the garden, or on the porch. Not only for their calming sound and movement but hanging this wind chime can elevate your outdoor decor and invite positive energy.


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Tea Bomb Gift Set

You’ve heard of bath bombs. Now, introduce and indulge your girlfriend in these tea bombs. The tea bomb gift set consists of four stained transparent balls, each representing the color of their tea and other additive ingredients — Tropical Sun, Youthful Rose Quartz, Peach Green Emerald, and Earl Grey Jade. To sip and enjoy the tea bombs, you only need to place your choice of herbal orb and brew with hot water.


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