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When buying a house or moving into a new rental, it’s easy to focus on the things you don’t like. And no matter how old the home is, there’s a likely chance that you’ll want to switch things up. Amazon is a solid source of products that can update your home on a budget. I’ve shopped around and found solutions to the top 40 mistakes that are making your home look dated.

Hardware and fixture styles change so frequently, it’s pretty common to want to update these features when you move into a new place. But no need to hire expensive professionals to solve this problem — I’ve included plenty of modern options to replace your less than appealing cabinet pulls, doorknobs, or light fixtures. Each of these highly rated solutions is quick and easy to install and brings your home into current trends in a snap.

Clutter and poor storage are common mistakes made by homeowners and the fastest way to make your home feel dated. Upgrading your storage in the closet, bathroom, and home office will make your home feel more harmonious and modern. Things like excess cords and cluttered countertops can cause a home’s style to suffer. Small changes like using cable clips, multipurpose furniture, and organizational systems will make your home feel trendy and high-end.

Right your style woes with these Amazon favorites that shoppers swear by. Your home will thank you — and your guests will be impressed.


Mistake: Keeping Cluttered Cords Exposed

Solution: This Wall Charger With Nine Ports

A neat and tidy home always looks better than one with cords and wires hanging from every corner. This outlet extender makes it possible by offering enough spots for many of your appliances and lights in five AC outlets, as well as three USB ports, and one USB-C port. The unique three-sided power strip is discrete and modern.


Mistake: A Dark And Drab Home Exterior

Solution: A Four-Pack Of Bright Solar Lights

Add extra security to your home while improving your curb appeal by installing these solar lights that are less than $25. This four-pack includes 400 lumens waterproof lights that are ideal for mounting to your garage, front steps, or back patio. The LED lights automatically charge all day, thanks to the sun, so they can be powered at night without the need for outlets — plus they are motion-activated (up to 16 feet).


Mistake: A Weak, Old-Fashioned Shower Fixture

Solution: This High-Pressure Rain Showerhead

No matter the current state of your shower, you can turn it into something spa-worthy by simply installing this high-pressure showerhead, which measures eight inches in diameter and features a sturdy chrome finish. The extra-large rainfall showerhead has self-cleaning nozzles for the lowest maintenance possible and you can install this in your shower without needing a single tool.


Mistake: Relying On Bulky Knife Blocks

Solution: This Sleek Knife Bar Wrapped In Wood

Clear off your countertops by adding this sleek magnetic knife bar to your cart. Designed from strong stainless steel, it’s easy to mount to any wall and offers an alternative to butcher blocks that take up space and look bulky. Plus it’s wrapped in walnut wood so it looks …….

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