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There are tons of beauty hacks all over the internet, but I’m not talking about a mask made out of food or DIY mascara. Instead, I’m talking about skincare or beauty products that solve one or more of your beauty routine struggles and save you dough. Wait? How can a beauty or skincare product be considered a hack? Let me tell you.

This list is packed with so many more products to make your routine easier or cheaper, like a travel bottle set with handy scoops and a cleaning brush that save you from buying single-use shampoos. Also consider the foot mask that gives you baby soft feet without a pricey pedi. There’s even a gel manicure kit with all the tools you need to avoid paying nail salon prices. Also, just in case you still love a good DIY face mask, there’s a face mask mixing kit on the list.

My favorite hack on this list is the bulk pack of reusable cotton rounds. If you love a good eco-friendly swap but you’re tired of washing your reusable makeup removing pads, this pack comes with over two week’s worth of pads. When you finally need a makeup remover laundry day, these bamboo and cotton blend pads won’t shrink up in your dryer.

So, instead of ruining a kitchen bowl mixing up masks or trying a bunch of things without knowing whether or not they really work — just start shopping this list. I promise it’s full of super helpful beauty hacks that are already available on Amazon.


This Hydrating Mask That Temporarily Dyes Your Hair

Deep condition your hair while also trying out a new color (or polishing up your current one) with this temporary color depositing mask. It’s easy to apply — just run it through your hair and let it set for five minutes like any other hair treatment. It’s complete with argan oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamin E to nourish your hair. Plus, it comes in nine colors, including trendy shades like lilac, rose gold, and even platinum.


These Exfoliating Glycolic Acid Pads That Are Extra-Strong

These glycolic acid pads are extra-strong for painful congested skin, but they’re still hydrating. How? They have moisturizing hyaluronic acid, a fan-favorite skincare ingredient. But they still provide extreme exfoliation with a 5% glycolic acid formula to brighten your skin as well as salicylic acid to declog pores.


A Sleek Facial Steamer For Luxurious Aromatherapy

This sleek little facial steamer has a unique and colorful aromatherapy nozzle where you can add essential oils for serious spa-night vibes. Pick your scent, fill up the tank with water, and this compact steamer will start your facial in under 30 seconds. This steamer has over 12,000 five-star ratings, and one reviewer raved, “I love the inserts, I add essential oils to them & have a custom steam whenever I choose. Easy to use, looks great & the steam is perfect. If you’re thinking about it – GET IT & thank me later!” You even get a bonus five-piece facial tool set in this steamer kit.


An Eyeshadow Palette That Can Give You So Many Looks

If you can’t find the perfect swatch, this cruelty-free eyeshadow palette …….

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