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Home maintenance is a process that never ends. No matter how immaculate your interiors, at any given moment, there’s bound to be something around your home that requires repairing or sprucing up. That’s why it’s important to have some clever tips and tricks at your disposal, so you can make subtle enhancements that have a huge impact with minimal effort — like these 45 genius home hacks that’ll make your place seem so much nicer.

Though just as decorative as they are functional, the hacks below aren’t necessarily the items you’d expect to transform your interiors — or even, perhaps, your life (A mini plug-in that lets you talk to your appliances? A fabric shaver that’ll make your curtains and couches look brand new?) — but nevertheless carry enough weight among Amazon shoppers and our editors to demonstrate their worth. Plus, with ultra-quick, two-day Prime shipping for Prime members, you can instantly put their virtues to the test and see for yourself.

Without relying on cleverness and ingenuity, our homes will never be as nice as they could be. These products — a fascinating roundup of novelties can instantly take your home from lovely to worthy of a spread in Architectural Digest — make that clear. Happy shopping.


These Stainless Steel Hooks That Add Fashion & Function

Create more room for your bathroom essentials in the most aesthetically pleasing way with these stainless steel hooks. Available in four modern colors to suit your bathroom decor (including the brushed gold pictured), the rust-proof hooks are perfect for holding your loofahs, hand towels, and hanging shower brushes. They come with concealed mounts and hanging hardware, and Amazon reviewers report that they’re super easy to install. Combined with an under-$20 price tag, and it’s no wonder they boast a hard-to-top 4.8-star score.


A Rustic-Chic Key & Mail Holder That Mounts Seamlessly To Your Wall

Free up space in your entryway with this clever key and mail rack. Made of 100% natural wood and available in four neutral colors — black, brown, gray, and white — the rustic-chic mail holder comes with a built-in self for your mail, outdoor accessories, and small decorative items, as well as five retro-inspired hooks for your coats, jackets, pet leashes, and handbags. Eco-friendly and easy to mount, the mail holder keeps you organized as you’re coming and going, and makes a cozy first impression upon walking into your home.


This Battery-Powered Light Strip That Illuminates Your Cabinets & Shelves

A little strategic lighting can make all the difference when it comes to your home decor, and you’ll love the way these battery-powered under-cabinet lights liven up your darkest nooks and corners. The lights don’t just look great, though; they’re super practical, too. They evenly distribute light on your darker cabinet and shelving areas, require limited battery power, and operate with a single power switch. Simply peel and stick them to any plastic, wood, or metal surface that could use some illumination. Couldn’t be easier.


A Best-Selling Fabric Shaver For Your Curtains, Couches, & Clothes

With this handy fabric shaver from Conair, it’s never been easier to remove pesky fuzz, lint, and pet hair off of well, practically anything, from your carpet to your clothes. With customizable settings that …….

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