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Bathroom décor is as vital as the décor of any other room in your home. But due to the costly renovating expense, a lot of people seldom give any love and attention to the décor of the washroom. However, if you are always fascinated by the idea of an elegant bathroom and do not want to drill a hole in your pocket, we have a perfect solution for you too. A touch of simple alterations here and there can add a touch of modernity to your bathroom while making it all chic and elegant. Here we bring you 5 simple bathroom décor ideas that give much-needed TLC to your dreary bathroom décor and enhance its appearance.

Elegant bathroom set for toiletries

One of the quickest, easy and most affordable ways to spruce your bathroom décor is by bringing coordinated sets of elements that has royal touch affix with them. You can organise your toiletries in it and it brings a luxurious charm to your monotonous bathroom. Brass, gold and copper look elegant and you can go ahead with these colours. You can also buy some elegant glass jar candles and place them nearby your toiletries for a more captivating appearance.

Faux plants

Faux plants are one of those trending elements that can shape your bathroom interior in a more natural, soothing way while affixing a hint of elegance to it. Not only does it make your interior look expensive but it also gives you a sense of tranquillity as soon as you step in. You can also accompany these faux with white walls or wooden frames to accent natural style but with the intimation of the bathroom found in high-end resorts.

Improvise storage to delete clutter

A bathroom that does not have dedicated space for towels and robes only creates visual clutter. People consider these elements less noticeable but a designated space for such things can create a more coordinated appearance. Pull-out drawers, wall-mounted baskets, a small hand-towel ring, and a hook to improvise the storage and to make the space more organised. Always go with matching soft, fluffy towels and identical patterns or prints of rugs to make the biggest impact.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Bland walls look monotonous and dreary and therefore covering the empty walls with posters, wallpapers, mirrors or even mirror elements will dapper the space neatly. You can go with big interesting mirror shapes, antique frames or even a full-length mirror if you have enough space on a single wall. This will make your bathroom appear larger while making it brighter.</…….

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