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In today’s world, we encounter a sea of options every time we visit a furniture store or browse a secondhand site. And that’s great, of course, but it can then be tricky to determine exactly which types of pieces to prioritize when decorating. If you’re only allowing yourself to buy one new item this month, should you pick the side table or the area rug?

We advise you to pay special attention to the items that you can snag affordably now and still enjoy many years down the line, no matter where life takes you. And what are they? Keep reading to find out—we’ve rounded up six classic home pieces that will stand the test of time.


1. An Oversized Mirror

Source: Danielle Moss for The Everygirl

I personally can’t get enough of beautiful ornate mirrors and over the years have found so many of them via secondhand sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Large mirrors are wonderful because they can make such a show-stopping statement in any room. If there’s a mirror you love, you’ll always be able to find a home for it, trust me. Don’t be afraid to go for a piece that leans antique or glam while shopping—these types of pieces can be styled to fit any room design with the right accessories and backdrops. Even the way you choose to display your mirror will send a specific message. Lean a mirror on the floor for a chill, laid-back look, mount it so that the base touches the top of your mantel if you love a Parisian vibe, or layer picture frames in front of it if you prefer a maximalist look.

Designer Malorie Goldberg agreed that a good mirror will always shine from home to home. “It is really tough for a beautiful mirror to become anything else—they almost always stand the test of time and can sneak into pretty much any space,” she said. “The same mirror can live in a bathroom in one home, a foyer in another, and your daughter’s bedroom in the next one.”


2. Nesting Tables

Source: Darlene Campos for The Everygirl

Instagrammer Shamika Lynch is a proponent of nesting tables because they truly allow for so many layout possibilities. “You can bunch them together to make a coffee table or split them up and use them in different areas of the house,” she explained. “They’re great for entertaining, households with kids, side tables, and sometimes laptop tables. Nesting tables are definitely one of my go-to pieces for homes.” Who knows, the set that you use as your coffee table in your studio apartment may end up in a future guest room or playroom! In one apartment, I kept a set of nesting tables in my living room and pulled them out as needed so that guests had a place to set food and drinks during parties.


3. A Chic Side Table

Source: Marta Xochilt Perez for The Everygirl

Honestly, even as someone living in a small apartment, I don’t feel as though one can ever own too many side tables. I currently keep a few cocktail tables in my living room—one sits next to the couch and another sits next to my armchair. In my past apartment, I also had one sitting outside on my screen …….

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