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Clogged drains, mildew-covered liners, zero storage space, inconsistent water pressure, grout staining, ugly tiles: These are just a few of the problems Jasmine Morvay’s clients run into. As a kitchen and bath designer, owner of KODAinteriors, and recipient and alumni of the NKBA “30 Under 30” award, she’s all too familiar with the shower woes so many of us experience on a daily basis during our frequent visits to the bathroom.

“Designing both a functional and beautiful shower is important,” Morvay says. “Often your day starts and ends in this space and can set your mood and energy level for the day or change it at the end.”

Still, it’s easy to assume that, without a budget for a large remodel, your shower will just be what it is. But this doesn’t have to be the case. From simple DIYs to creative hacks, there are so many ways to fix your peskiest shower problems and create a more intentional space.

“Proper design and function can take you from feeling frustrated because your shampoo bottle keeps falling on your toe to realizing your fingers are pruning because you don’t want to leave the comfortable and calming atmosphere,” Morvay tells AD. You deserve a shower that’s more than an afterthought, and, with these seven hacks, you can get just that.

Start by unclogging your drains

“Add something to catch hair from going down the drain,” Morvay says, offering one of the simplest ways to instantly elevate your shower. Still, even with a nifty drain cover, clogged pipes are a problem most of us encounter at some point. But before you call a plumber or succumb to Drano—which, by the way, many plumbers despise—grab a zip tie and see if that will fix the issue.

Often, the culprit of backed-up plumbing in your shower is loose hair. By cutting a few diagonal strips into a plastic zip tie, you can make an easy hair-catcher and drain snake to grab all of those free strands. Once you’ve made the cuts, stick the zip tie into the drain, rotate it a few times, and use it to pull out all the gunk that’s clogging your pipes.

Next, get your water flowing

Did you know many commercial showerheads have a flow restrictor in them that keeps your shower water from coming through at full force? Originally put there to conserve water, sometimes they do their job a little too well, especially if you already have low water pressure.

Removing the flow restrictor is a simple way to solve this problem. To get rid of this little device, unscrew your shower head from the hose and pop the restrictor out with a screwdriver or needle-nose pliers. They’re usually small, circular devices—often made of plastic—although it might help to look up your showerhead model to see exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s worth noting that these devices are there for a good reason, and your water bill will likely go up, so it’s best to remove them only if your flow is seriously poor. Another solution to a more powerful shower is to clean the showerhead itself with some white vinegar. The acid in the vinegar can help reduce buildup that might be making it hard for water to come out.

Source: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/shower-repair-hacks


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