78 Creative People Who Took Their Bathroom Decor To A Whole New Level – Bored Panda

When we think of interiors, we immediately picture lavish living rooms with chandeliers or dreamy bedrooms with bougie candles and crisp sheets. No wonder that bathrooms often stay in the back of our minds where utility meets daily routines.

But this post compiled by Bored Panda is here to resurrect the washrooms once and for all by showing some of the coolest and most creative decorations people installed there: from a toilet shaped like a dragon and a brass instrument sink, to a guest book in a friend’s bathroom and a carpeted bathroom floor that looks like the soft moss you find in the forest.

Scroll down through the pictures, upvote your favorite ones and be sure to share some of your own bathroom decoration ideas in the comment section below!

Source: https://www.boredpanda.com/cool-bathroom-accessories-decor/


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