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One of the most important spaces in your home is the bathroom – that is where you are at your most vulnerable, and where creativity usually strikes! However, to feel safe, relaxed and creatively stimulated in an environment, you have to put thought into its design. Bathrooms can appear mundane and lifeless very easily, since most of us don’t look at it as a zen haven. This is where the Pinterest-worthy, picturesque micro trend of ‘BathScaping’ in interior design comes into play!

Essentially, ‘BathScaping’ pays tribute to bathing culture, and transforms the bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and escapism using personalised and stylised bath accessories, aesthetic décor items and more!


Create your own zen bathroom, and ensure the transition from the workplace to the bedroom is smooth and peaceful. Check out exactly what you need to pay attention to, and accessories to invest in to revamp your bathroom experience!

1. Warm lighting

Warm toned lights instinctively feel natural to us, especially in the evenings (in accordance with our natural circadian rhythm), and promote relaxation. Warm lighting is proven to help with stress and anxiety related issues, and hence will work as the perfect means to transition from a hectic day to a good night’s sleep! Check out some lighting ideas you can try in your bathroom –


Quace Glass Candle Holder Lantern

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Imperial Gem Hanging Lamp

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2. Indoor plants (real or faux)

While we are aware of the purifying benefits of indoor plants, you need not worry if they seem like too much of a hassle to maintain! You can even use faux plants like palms, bamboo and ivy which naturally grow in wet environments. Incorporating decorative foliage to your bathroom will add to making it seem like a …….

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