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A Modern Personal Retreat: Material Compositions for the Bathroom

CYO Metropolitan bathroom. Image Courtesy of Dornbracht



As cities become denser and the pandemic continues to shape living and working patterns, people have become well aware that the space they inhabit greatly influences their physical and mental well-being. As a result, the interior design of homes has focused on promoting sensitivity, comfort and calmness as a way of escaping the uncertain outside world. As a safe space where we practically start and end each day, the modern bathroom has also adapted accordingly, taking on a key role as an environment dedicated to relaxation and self-care. Hence, what used to be a purely functional zone is now perceived as an energizing personal retreat and flexible living space that can even adopt other functions – from a gym to a private spa.

However, choosing the right material composition is crucial to achieve this calming, yet dynamic atmosphere. Whether it’s through color, texture or other unique properties, different materials can ultimately make architecture come alive, having the power to reflect or capture light, influence user perception, and define the style of a room – evoking associations with nature, urban, or even futuristic spaces. Thus, when it comes to modern bathrooms, selecting timeless materials that enhance the aesthetic is essential. With this in mind, Dornbracht (in collaboration with Sieger Design) launched in May of 2021 a new CYO bathroom fitting series in a wide range of finishes, allowing multiple design possibilities.

CYO Oasis bathroom. Image Courtesy of Dornbracht

The interplay of materials in four architectural concepts

As a way of putting its versatility to the test, the series is showcased in four architectural worlds in which the expressiveness of materials can be seen, felt, and experienced: Metropolitan, Oasis, and the new Mystical and Delight. Exploring the idea of the bathroom as a personal retreat and providing inspiration for architects and designers, each scenario features faucets and shower accessories in different finishes combined with different materials.

Metropolitan: Retreat from the big city   

In the Metropolitan bathroom, it is all about creating balance. While capturing the lively flair of big cities, the space also serves as an energizing retreat from the hectic outside world. With its spacious proportions, the room concept embodies luxury and roughness through sleek surfaces and monolithic elements: the walls and floors are made of white marble and concrete, complemented with home textiles in cream and beige shades. To match the design, the CYO bathroom fittings – from the basin to the hand shower set – are incorporated in Brushed Durabrass, standing out in contrast to the green stone elements.

CYO Metropolitan bathroom. Image Courtesy of Dornbracht

CYO Brushed Durabrass faucet. Image Courtesy of Dornbracht


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