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For many, the prospect of a full home makeover can be daunting, with new trends coming in regularly. This can mean that homes can quickly look outdated, and it can be costly to update. Interior design specialists have shared their top tips on how to make interior trends live longer, including keeping the home looking classic.

Colour is one of the most common seasonal changes in interior design, with different shares and tones becoming popular each year.

This can make it hard when it comes to picking a colour to paint the walls.

Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Blinds and 274 Curtains explained: “Bold colours, and colour blocks continue to be a popular paint effect, and can be achieved by anyone with a steady hand and a roll of masking tape.

“The Pantone colour of the year (Very Peri) is bold and contemporary and has been seen in a variety of colour clash versions.

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“For the bedroom, I’d suggest investing in a high-quality bed linen in a timeless neutral shade, then contrasting cushions and throws in varying textures, complementary colours, and different shapes and sizes for a stylish look that’s easy to update with changes in trends.

“The same can be done for updating your bathroom. A new bath mat and towels colour way can transform the room completely.

“Deep greens and chocolate brown are having a real moment and these can make a bathroom feel super cosy and relaxing.”

Houseplants are a great way of incorporating colour into the home, as well as providing other benefits too.

Amy Wilson explained: “Greenery, both the colour and plants, is going nowhere, as biophilic design, incorporating plants into interiors, continues to be a focus of designers and wellbeing experts.

“There is a plant for everyone, from those that require minimum effort to those which need daily attention, so do some research to find out what’s best for you.

“The plant pots themselves can also be a good way of adding some colour or pattern. If you’re not interested in plants, then how about incorporating some green or botanical plants throughout your home?”

When planning a new look for a room, experts have recommended blending in new trends with timeless centrepieces.

This can minimise the risk of the style looking dated in the future.

Jonathan Warren, director and bed specialist at Time4Sleep, said: “When it comes to elevating a desired look or feel in your bedroom, the bed is a key feature to focus on, with this naturally taking centre stage.

“When considering the best bed for your space, ensure to choose one which supports your ever-evolving style by providing a timeless canvas.

“Wooden beds are an ideal option to give the room a touch of tradition whilst keeping things versatile.

“If you lean towards more modern trends, opt for a rattan bed frame to introduce some more playful texture. As for the bedding, the options are endless in finding perfect pairings with a wooden frame.”



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