Affordable Bathroom Feature The Property Brothers Use To Make A Statement – House Digest

One affordable bathroom feature that makes a huge statement is the tile, something “The Property Brothers” like to change up in renovations often, as seen on HGTV. Anyone who has ever walked into an older home where the bathroom has remained untouched over the years knows how quickly the choice of tile can date a space. Luckily, it can just as easily revive it.

And you can select the tile that would work best with your desired aesthetic. Jonathan Scott recommends keeping a few different things in mind when trying to choose tile for your bathroom — you want something that has either an interesting shape, an interesting pattern, or an interesting color. This means that if you prefer a neutral color palette, you can simply search for unusual shapes or patterns to add visual interest. If you have a relatively boring space with standard fixtures and not much surface area, you might want a burst of vibrant color and gravitate towards colorful tile options.

However, this doesn’t mean selecting any tile that strikes your fancy — you do want to consider what it’ll look like in the context of the bathroom, especially if you’re choosing more than one type of tile. Ross’s Discount Home Centre, for example, suggests sticking to three different tiles maximum. Style by Emily Henderson recommends varying your scale and pattern but trying to work roughly within the same color palette to help create a cohesive space where the various tile choices all work well together.



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