An Interior Design Expert Reveals How To Incorporate Maximalism In Your Home – Exclusive – House Digest

September 1, 2022 by No Comments

Many maximalist designers and enthusiasts love hunting down the perfect décor for their home, whether it’s at a thrift store or an online marketplace, according to Jennifer Burt. “Find some kind of object that you can always be on the lookout for and collect,” she explains. “Group collections together and display in unique ways. For example, if you collect vintage matchbooks, display them in a fancy crystal bowl.”

When you’re working to implement the maximalist lifestyle in your space, sometimes it can take a bit of DIYing to accomplish the look you’re going for — but that is something that Burt actually enjoys. “You can easily find used lamps at thrift stores or online from marketplaces like,” she noted. “I like to update the lamp with a fabric covered lampshade.” 

There may also be items in your home that just needs to be properly displayed to enhance the design of a room. “Maximalists LOVE books and this is an easy way to get the look,” Burt added. “I shop thrift stores for unique titles. I usually toss the paper cover and then group books with similar colored spines together.”



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