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Origini Bathroom Accessories from Gessi offer modern faucets designed for function with a unique aesthetic. The collection offers a blend of color pigments, metal, and finishes creating five triads within the collection.

The collection creates harmony between shape, color, materials, and finishes. Gessi translates different personalities into colors and associates identified character profiles with five chromatic-material triads. The curved elements in the design make reference to nature.

The five Triads

Origini Warm Origini Neutral Origini Accent
A collection of metallic and color finishes with a warm overtone. Finishes include Matt Cipria, Warm Bronze, and Dark Bronze finishes. A collection of metallic and achromatic finishes for a minimalistic clean look. Finishes include Matt Greige, Brushed Finox, and Polished Nickel. A collection of glossier high-contrast finishes for a more cosmopolitan appeal. Finishes. include Glossy Ochre, Matt Black, and Brushed Brass.
Origini Materic Origini Nature
A collection of rich earthy tones. Finishes include Coral, Polished Black Metal, and Brushed Copper. A collection inspired by the freshness of green nature. Finishes include Brushed Black Metal, Chrome, Matt Agave Green.



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