Bathroom trends: Interior expert shares top bathroom trends for 2022 – ‘making a comeback’ – Daily Express

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Due to the high humidity and moisture in a bathroom, she suggested homeowners use vinyl wallpaper in a bathroom.

She added: “If decorating a large space, go for a large-scale print or pattern.

“For a smaller space, choose a singular wall or the corner of a room to give the illusion of a bigger bathroom.”

Terracotta bathrooms

Terracotta is an “up-and-coming” shade for 2022 and can add a Mediterranean feel to a bathroom.

Homeowners can pair the look with cement tiles and soft apricot shades for towels and bathmats.

Statement taps

Rikki said statement fixtures and fittings will be “big” next year with focus on brass and traditional styles.

“We recommend opting for copper and golds with green hues to really make the brassware pop,” she added.

Biophilic bathrooms

Biophilic design is the “perfect way” to add a touch of nature to a bathroom.

Plants are key here and can even purify the air, boost mood and reduce stress to create a tranquil space.

Houseplants can be hung on walls, placed on shelves, on bath racks and on top of storage.

The look can be incorporated with natural materials like bamboo and wood.

Rikki added: “Pick out a wooden toilet seat or choose a bamboo freestanding caddy to tie the look together.”



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