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An explosion in styles, materials, and finishes means that bathrooms no longer have to be ascetic expanses of whiteness and chrome but, with a judicious selection of accessories, can become a true extension of the rest of the home, explains Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB.

Every bathroom install is different. There isn’t a one size fits all approach and, unfortunately for installers, that means a few headaches. Especially when the homeowner can’t decide what they want their bathroom to look like. 

As bathrooms become more stylised and less of a utilitarian space awash with white furniture, tiles, and chrome accessories, there is greater scope for a design-led approach. A bathroom revamp offers a chance to create a space that is an extension of the rest of the home. The bathroom can be seamlessly linked to other spaces, which in turn creates a beautiful, elegant look that also fulfils very practical needs.

It is possible create cohesion between the bathroom and the rest of the home through coordinating furniture, accessories, and brassware. The development of new bathroom products and a broader range of finishes has widened the number of options available for installers to present to homeowners. 

For example, the traditional chrome finish for brassware and accessories is no longer the main preference. Plenty of other alternatives are now available, from black to brushed brass, and everything in between.

Mix and match

But creating a cohesive design doesn’t mean that all the components need to match. There is an increasing movement to mix and match accessories with furniture to create a more eclectic feel. Matt black finishes often complement brushed metal finishes, so when installing a bathroom, consider what mixture of finishes can enhance the overall effect. Altering the texture of touch points in the bathroom can also improve the user’s experience, with variations in surface smoothness signifying where they can interact with the space.

It is this mixture of colour, materials, and mediums that can add a new level of interest to the space, something that more design-focused customers may be keen to embrace.


As well as finish and texture, discussing the materials of the accessories with the customer can be important. Making them aware of materials that promote sustainability, such as glass and metal, can help customers reduce their impact on the environment. With eco-friendly alternatives growing in popularity, chances are customers will begin to choose these additional accessories, as well as the usual products.


Another factor to consider when discussing which accessories to fit in the bathroom is the changing needs of the user. Families with multiple generations living under one roof, or those including members with mobility issues, may benefit from specific extra accessories, such as grab bars, rails, and seats. Again, historically these have been produced with little style in mind, however more manufacturers are adding new finishes and textures into their multigenerational accessory ranges, creating more opportunities to blend these solutions into a bathroom style, maintaining the desired style and enhancing the overall experience.

This year’s trends

This year’s bathroom trends feature a huge range of dynamic, playful, and more structured industrial themes that use colour and finish to create the desired effect. 

Take, for example, the rise in popularity for Bio-Glam, which takes inspiration from oceanic and botanic references. The dark, moody tones and deep, rich …….



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