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Bedding N Bath

The bathroom and its accessories become the important home aspects in the modern era, as it is a personal space that relieves all headaches and sufferings of routines. A comfortable and luxurious bathroom with all its accessories makes the bathroom a comfortable zone of the home.

At bedding and bath, essential bathroom accessories in the competitive and organized markets ranging from towel sets to bathrobes are provided at reasonable and affordable prices.

Most of the products are made with Egyptian cotton, well known for its hygroscopic nature, softness, durability, and resiliency.

Bath Towel Sets

“We have an amazing collection of bath towels that are made with 100% brushed Egyptian cotton. In this range, we have a 7 pieces towel set, 2 pieces towel set, and round beach towels. These are available in different on-trend and seasonal color palettes. These are luxuriously soft and add a touch of style and uniqueness to your bathroom.”

Bath sheets

“We have 2 pieces of the bath sheet set. It is longer than the normal bath towel, is also lightweight, and has more absorbance ability to absorb all the moisture after the fresh bath. Made with 100% pure Egyptian cotton. Available in different trendy solid colors.”


“Our bathrobe products will be the ideal product for your spa day and after post-shower routines. In this, we have a waist tie and two-sided pockets. It is a 100% cotton terry bathrobe. It is available in different colors to make your spa day, morning, and evening valuable. “

Silk nightgown

“We also offered silk nightgowns in bedding n bath to make your night’s dream able and delightful. It is adaptable to every season to make it an ideal choice for everyone. Available in different warmth colors.”

How to care for your bathing products?

We provide you with the following tips on how you care about your bath products.

Wash your product before use

We recommend you wash your product before use because it makes it softer and gentle to your skin after the very first wash.

Hot wash/cold wash

We prefer the cold wash because hot water is very dangerous for the fiber and causes shrinkage and fading of the fabric.


Dry the products in the light sunshine as the dark sunshine causes the shine to become dim and fade. Mostly air dry your product rather than tumble dry. Drying also prevents moisture.

Use of detergent

Use slight detergent as more detergent absorbs more and causes them to be less fluffy and leaving the detergent residue over there that in turn is not good for your skin and health. It also shortens their lifespan.

Don’t bleach

Don’t bleach them as it causes the structure of fiber to damage rapidly.

Monogamy choice

Don’t share your towel, always use it separately for yourself because sharing can cause the different microbes to invade your skin and causes acne, skin irritation, and other skin-related issues.



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