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These days, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the constant news cycle or simply trying to handle all of the family, personal and work responsibilities that are on your plate. What’s one way to help your mental health? Revamping your space with new home decor ideas!

Studies have shown that interior design has the potential to affect our happiness and wellbeing. According to Psychology Tomorrow, everything from paint color and floor material to layout and lighting can influence our mood for better or worse. So even if yummy scented candles and jewel-toned pillows aren’t your thing, switching up your home decor can still be a great way to enter each season with a fresh perspective and mindset. Ahead, an assortment of accessories, art, textiles and more to reinvigorate your home this year.

Ready for some amazing home decor ideas for every room in your house? We’ve got you covered!

Best Home Decor Ideas

Eyelet Agate Coaster, $16 at Anthropologie

Courtesy Anthropologie

A small way to make a big impact is by utilizing coasters as decorative accents. A stack of four atop a coffee table looks like an interesting art object that doubles to protect water-stain-prone surfaces. Opt for an unexpected shape or texture to elevate your space further.

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Chronicle Books ‘High Vibe Home’ Book, $22.95 at Nordstrom 

Courtesy Nordstrom

Small accents go a long way when it comes to coffee table decor, so finding a compelling yet refined collection of items is key. A large coffee table book is a classic decorating choice, but smaller books have their place as well—in fact, their size makes them even more inviting for guests to engage with.

Velvet Appliqué Accent Pillow, $49 at Nordstrom

Courtesy Nordstrom

Swapping out much-loved throw pillows in favor of something fresh and bright can bring new life to an entire room. It’s also a great design tool to blend together colors and textures from multiple pieces to make your space feel more cohesive. Find a style that has a few colors already present in your decor, and build on from there.




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