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Houseplants are incredibly popular in the UK, with so many on the market. However, every indoor plant has its own needs and likes to be placed in different areas of the home, depending on what climate it has originated from. Experts have shared how Britons can choose the right houseplant for the right room.

Dani Turner, customer experience director at online florist Bunches, told “Every room in our home is different – they face different directions and welcome different levels of light in each, creating some warm and some cooler rooms.

“It is important to bear this in mind when buying houseplants to know which rooms are the most suitable to keep our plants healthy and happy.”

Light living room

In rooms where there may naturally be more sunlight, the expert recommended keeping houseplants and fresh flowers out of direct sunlight.

This means placing them away from windows or glass doors because the sun can actually scorch plants.

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Dani said: “It is best for plants to avoid draughts as it can cause moisture to evaporate, making them go limp. 

“Bonsai trees thrive in bright spaces with high levels of humidity and are low-maintenance plants as they only require watering when the top inch of soil is dry to touch. They make the perfect plant for a light and warm living room.”

Cooler kitchen

The expert explained: “As we head towards the end of summer and to the beginning of autumn, some rooms, such as the kitchen, might feel a little cooler than others. 

“It is important to place plants in these rooms that can withstand cooler conditions – an easy way to tell that your plant may be struggling is if their leaves begin to droop. If this happens, try moving your plant to a warmer room. 

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“Aloe Vera, although originating from warmer climates, also thrives in cooler conditions and requires minimal attention.

“A little water every so often will lead to a healthy plant.”

Steamy bathroom

Several houseplants love to be in the bathroom because it is naturally more humid than other areas in the room.

Dani said: “They absorb water vapour through stomata in their leaves which moves the moisture to the roots, which helps to reduce high levels of humidity.”

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The expert recommended the peace lily, which helps to filter harmful toxins and aids in improving sleep by “boosting the humidity of a room by up to five percent”.

Dani continued: “These luscious green plants make the ideal addition to a bedroom – especially in the colder months when low humidity levels can increase your risk of catching a common cold and dry out your skin.”

However, these are toxic to pets as are many other beautiful houseplants, so Britons should research before purchasing if they have animals in the home.

Snake plants are also great for the bedroom as they prefer …….



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