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hether you rent or own, living in a big city comes with its own unique set of challenges – not least space.

While we love nothing more than ogling at optimistic rental adverts of cupboards masquerading as modern studios, the truth of living in a city as great as London is that there’s never quite paenough space. Data shows that search for ‘storage hacks for small apartments’ increased by 129 per cent over the last 12 months, so if you’re looking for creative ways to clear clutter, you’re far from alone.


Organisation – one drawer at a time

There are two kinds of people: the Pinterest perfect hyper organised folks who have time – or a well paid team – to label everything in their pantry (see: Khloe Kardashian) vs the time poor with busy lives, living minute to minute amongst the chaos. The truth is that the extreme organisation that we see on social media is unattainable and it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it looking pristine. So, where to start?

It’s all about baby steps, says Vicky Silverthron,  a professional organiser and author who has sorted the cupboards of high-profile clientele like Lily Allen. “Instead of looking at your home as something to be organised as a whole, start small – like with your sock drawer. It doesn’t take long to organise, and the sense of achievement you’ll feel at having cleared one small space will motivate you to sort out another drawer or cupboard when you have time. Chip away, and after a couple of weeks, you’ll see how far you’ve come.” Once an area starts to look organised, you’re more likely to keep it that way. Vicky agrees, “mess breeds mess”.

Double duty furniture

Aside from introducing a storage system in small homes, “multifunctional living is key. It’s about doubling up the use of a room,” reveals Vicky.

Take your spare bedroom, for instance. Getting a flip up bed like a Murphy design means you have somewhere for guests to sleep, but it can be folded away for the majority of the time and leave the space free to use as a kid’s playroom or a study without having to work around a bed.


Instead of a plain old coffee table, get one that can extend into a desk or full-size dining table. Similarly, opt for a chest of drawers with storage rather than a plain table with just one surface for your bedside table and triple your space.

With a few ingenious pieces of homeware, you can magic yourself up a little more breathing room. Whether you’re renting, in a houseshare or living alone, there are all sorts of clever ways to maximise your square footage to make it feel positively palatial.

We’ve gathered the best space-saving storage ideas for small homes below.

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