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You can change the outlook of your bathroom by beautifying it with trending wallpaper, shower enclosures, faucets (mixers or taps) and tiles.

Maria Namala, a sales executive at Jaquar World, says some of the new technologies and innovations in bathroom ware are sensor water closets that have tankless sensors which flush after use.

“In this case, the toilet senses you walking into the bathroom and it opens up the seat and warms it up. It then cleans and dries you after use. The sensor faucets are eco-friendly products because they save water too,’’ Namala says.

She adds that the rain joy and showers have chemotherapy lights from the ceiling with different flows.

Namala says these bathrooms have body jets placed around the shower enclosure to spray water through a series of nozzles in a way that creates a soothing, massaging effect that improves one’s showering experience.

“With the Intelligent Flushing (IFUSH) elements, the frame is plastered inside the wall and gets connected directly from the pipe that comes from the tank, enabling you to flush multiple times,” she says.                                                                          

Fix your bathroom floor

The bathroom is one of the places in your house that needs a pleasant look.

This place must create joy and help you to have an amazing bathing experience to start the day.

Namala says tiles are the best option for one to have a pleasant bathroom these days, because of their executive look.

“Since the world is moving into new technologies and innovations, cement and bricks, which were used in bathrooms as flooring accessories, are now old fashioned. Tiles are more durable and can withstand wear and tear without showing signs. They are versatile and easy to clean and maintain,’’ she says.

Namala adds that they have a wide range of tile designs and colours to choose from, as well as different textures.

She says tiles give the house a cool temperature in case the outside environment is hot.

Andrew Gashongora, the project manager at ABC Casa Ceramica, also says tiles are the best bathroom floor options.

“Tiles are a new and trending technology. They have a nice matt finish and grip feature, which prevents them from being slippery, hence stopping bathroom accidents,” Gashongora says.

The Jaquar brand

Jaquar World has steam, sauna and spa bathroom ranges that keep the water hot all through, compared to the Jacuzzi, whose water turns cold after some time.

Jaquar complete bathrooms reflect authenticity of the entire house with their complete lighting solutions.

Jaquar, which is one of the fastest growing bath brands in the world and whose brands have a 10-year warranty, can be installed in homes, hospitals, hotels and other commercial buildings.

“We also offer free training sessions for designers, architects and all people who would like to purchase this brand on how they can be fitted and maintained. We have a Christmas offer of up to 35% off the original price,” Namala says.



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