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Don’t let the longer, colder days of winter get you down!

These 20 items will help make the days warmer and brighter even when the weather keeps you inside.

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From warm slippers and matching pajamas for everyone, including the dog, to heated blankets and house decor that instantly warms the heart, wintertime at home can be cozy and fun.

Winter Accessories to Warm You Up

Wearable sherpa blankets will keep you warm whether you are working on your computer, watching TV, or playing video games. Pockets are must-haves for keeping necessities close at hand. Take it outside to the firepit or cheer on your favorite players at an outdoor game.

Warm slippers are a necessity for cold days. Surround your feet in warmth with plush fleece slippers. Look for solid rubber soles for indoor and outdoor traction and memory foam inners to help retain shape with wear. Machine washable fabrics make slippers easy-care.

Sheepskin insoles make any shoes or slippers warmer. Look for arch support, and you’ll be walking on air all winter long.

Foot massagers provide more than just warmth for your feet. Look for multiple levels of vibration and heat.

Matching pajamas are excellent choices for everyone! Plaids, stripes, and holiday themes with feet and hoods for all ages make everyone smile. Look for bow ties and bandanas for your dog. Then, break out the board games!

Warm Home Touches

Heated blankets top the list of affordable warmth. Want to snuggle with everyone in the family? Go for an oversized blanket. Look for machine-washable blankets with auto-off features and temperature and dual controls if you like your side of the bed warmer or cooler than the person you are sharing it with.

Colorful pillows add a splash to the sometimes drab winter season. Mongolian fur, sheepskin, and fake fur bring cozy warmth to your furniture. Look for oversized pillows and floor cushions for lounging around watching a favorite holiday movie. Trade out your usual ones for pillows with holiday or winter themes.

Area rugs are essential in the winter if your home has hardwood floors, adding warmth and texture. Consider a second rug to layer over an existing rug for cushioning underfoot. No one likes to hop out of bed onto a cold floor, so add a plush area rug next to your bed.

Throw blankets are perfect for reading chairs. Blankets in 100% wool or cotton with a bit of heft are great for snuggling. It’s all about layers!

Flannel or fleece sheets provide a cozier, warmer bed for the winter season. Look for soft, lightweight sets. Your bed will be so comfy, you won’t want to get out!

A ceramic space heater with an adjustable thermostat ensures you stay both warm and safe. Look for high and low heat settings as well as fan-only and tip-over protection.

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