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When a couple from Durham were quoted £650 to renovate their downstairs toilet, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Michelle Collett, 45, and Sean Smalley, 36, were fed up with the look of their downstairs toilet, so they’ve completely transformed it for £222 using high street bargains.

Speaking to money saving community, Michelle said: “I have a huge interest in interior design and I work for B&Q designing kitchens and bathrooms. I also have a part-time wedding and events decor business, so I am very creative.

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“While shopping for wallpaper last November online, I came across a Dalmatian print and fell in love so I bought one roll of it for £20 and knew exactly where it was going to go. We needed to renovate our downstairs loo, as the whole room was damp, mouldy and stained despite trying to clean it and it leaked brown liquid.

Michelle and Sean’s downstairs toilet before.

“We had to keep the window open, use an air freshener and keep the door closed until we could do the work. I designed the toilet around the wallpaper. I got the basin free off Facebook Marketplace, the tap for £15 from IKEA and the accessories for £40 from B&M, Poundland, IKEA and Sainsbury’s.”

When they started to rip out the old bathroom, they discovered huge holes in the walls. Michelle explained: “We had a load of leftover wood and MDF from previous tasks and old furniture, so my boyfriend decided to use it for boxing in and covering the high holes.

“The bottom half of the walls were in quite a bad condition and with it being a rental, we didn’t want to spend a lot, so we decided to fill and sand the holes and add some beading to give it a panel look and painted it black.

“We were very worried about painting it black in case it made it look too small but it has worked very well. We used B&Q GoodHome Liberty Emulsion paint and the matching furniture paint for the wood. We spent £15 on the paint. The ceiling was in such a bad state that we got some PVC ceiling panelling from B&Q for £17 and used that.

The couple’s new bathroom.

“We then went looking for lino and came across one for £40 a roll so I then decided to add gold into the theme too. The plumbing cost £30 and the toilet cost £45. Once I started putting all the accessories into the room, it totally transformed it and made the room look bigger.”

In order to create more legroom, Michelle and Sean decided to insert the toilet on an angle. Michelle explained: “It also enabled us to have a basin in as there wasn’t one before. I absolutely love it and am so glad that I went with my idea. I posted it on social media and the feedback has been amazing. I am totally overwhelmed by all the likes and comments!

Michelle used bargains from B&M, IKEA and more to transform the toilet.
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