Dad’s Reaction to Fake Eyelash Leaves Daughter and Internet ‘Howling’ – Newsweek

In a moment of pure comedy, TikTok user Jen, @jennirobinson_jr, explains how her father came over to help fix something at her home, “but he’s only gone and caught my eyelashes in a glass thinking it’s a creature.”

In the video, which has had nearly a million views, Jen can be seen walking through her home and into the bathroom before finding her caterpillar-like eyelash under a glass on the windowsill accompanied by the text, “Absolutely howling…”

Human Whiskers

Both eyelashes and eyebrows are prominent beauty accessories, as we dye, wax and tweeze them in to submission, but apart from the modern beauty habits, why do humans have them?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology believe that the function of the eyebrows is to “channel unwanted moisture—sweat and rain in particular—away from the eye to help keep vision clear.”

According to the academy: “The shape and direction of the hairs make it easier for moisture to flow sideways around the eyes, along the side of the head. They also help to block out light and filter dust and dirt that may fall into the eyes.”

Eyelashes operate as dust catchers, “protecting the eye from debris that can obstruct vision or cause infection or injury. They are like human whiskers. Lashes act as sensors for objects coming close to the eye—like insects—and trigger a reflexive and protective blink.”

This stock image shows a woman attending to her eyelashes. A TikTok user has explained how her father trapped her false eyelash under a glass thinking it was a creature.
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The academy also believes that eyebrows play an important role in communication, as they can “exaggerate expressions such as happiness, surprise and anger.”

A study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggested that “eyebrows may be a more recognizable indicator of identity than even the eyes themselves.”

Ivan Schwab, MD, professor of ophthalmology at the University of California says: “Eyelashes are unique among body hair. Healthy eyelashes are believed never to go gray. They are the shortest hairs on the body with the longest lifespan.”

Sense of Humor

The video brought joy to many people, including one user who commented: “This tickled my funny bone.”

Another said: “I can’t stop laughing. Iv done this.”

It would seem Jen’s dad isn’t alone in mistaking an eyelash for a creepy-crawly.

“I saw one the other day, and genuinely thought it was a creature” said one person, while another shared, “I once was so drunk I left my [false eyelash] on the toilet and when I came back later that night scared myself thinking it was a creature too lol.”



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