Design Elements From Lola’s Bedroom In Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen – House Digest

In “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,” Lola prefers floral accents. Lola’s bedding often sported floral prints. Her bedroom also had a flower-printed lampshade and fresh-cut flowers her mother picked for her. Want to incorporate florals in your bedroom? According to Ely Mattress, you can go contemporary by picking flowers in season and placing them in vases. If you prefer darker tones, find inky blue-colored flowers or vibrant violets to decorate the bedroom. Instead of picking flowers, go bold by pasting tropical flower wallpaper with wildlife animals such as elephants, lions, and toucans.

Look for cream and peach-colored flowers to spruce up a living room (via Balsam Hill). Green and yellow flowers are common and look excellent against simple white accents in a living room or bedroom. Place green and yellow flowers in a vase on top of a bedroom table next to white bedding. These flowers look elegant on a coffee table next to a white couch. Grab picked flowers and place them in a basket or watering can to keep near a front door to welcome guests.



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