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One of my not-so-guilty pleasures is watching house tour videos. Be it a celebrity, a designer, or a normal person, I get a lot of inspiration from seeing how others use and decorate their space. But much to my chagrin, one thing that most of these tours seem to have in common is a sky-high budget.

If you were to make a house tour video of my home, you would quickly notice that my furniture and decor are largely an eclectic collection of budget retailers, second-hand purchases, and hand-me-downs that I’ve acquired over the years. And while I love my space, the overall effect can come off a little…cheap. I have no shame (everyone starts somewhere!), but at the same time, I’m always looking for ways to elevate and make the space feel more refined.

Luckily, I’m not alone in this endeavor. I got insight from some professional designers to get their insights on making your space look more expensive than it is — for not a lot of money. And they came back with a treasure trove of helpful tips, compiled here, to help in the pursuit of looking rich without actually being rich. Making your home look more elegant can start with small stuff, like adding an adding an artificial plant or velvet throw pillows. But to get the full scoop and start curating your space based on their expert advice, you’ll just have to keep reading.


An Ultra-Fuzzy Throw Blanket That Makes Your Space Feel Cozy

A faux fur throw blanket like this one makes the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom. It’s the perfect size for sharing, and a fuss-free way to stay cozy and add some texture to the space. “It doesn’t need to be perfectly folded, we want your space to be and feel lived in,” says Jaime Zehner, the owner and principal designer for JZ Interior Designs.


This Wicker Hamper That Makes Dirty Laundry Look Cute

Don’t just relegate your dirty clothes to a plastic bin and call it a day. Zehner recommends hiding your dirty clothes in a hamper with a lid — that part is key. This Seville Classics handwoven laundry bin is large enough to hold up to 3 cubic feet of clothes, and is a stylish opportunity to conceal your messes.


This Vanilla Candle That Doubles As Decor Long After It’s Burned Out

Nothing sets the mood quite like lighting a candle, according to Zehner. “I’m a candle gal and love lighting the perfect scent for when I’m home alone or hosting guests,” Zehner explains. “Bonus: If you use a pretty candle, once it’s gone, use it for storage.” This vanilla cake scented candle comes in a sleek white and gold jar that you can use in your bathroom for storing cotton swabs or in your office as a pen cup once the wax is all burned up.


An Aesthetically-Pleasing Rope Basket For Quick Catch-All Storage

According to Zehner, baskets like this large cotton woven bin are a secret home decor weapon. “Never underestimate the power of a basket for storage in plain sight,” she explains. She uses them to store extra pillows and throw blankets, though they also make for a great place to store …….



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