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Digitizing the Shower Experience: Latest Trends and Technologies

Cortesia de Fontana Showers



Taking a shower goes far beyond the act of sanitizing. For many, it is the place where the best ideas and epiphanies emerge. Others turn the shower into a stage, rehearsing lines and allowing themselves to sing or pretend to receive an award. Showering can also reduce stress, as well as improve mood and body function: studies show that a shower can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is basically a network of nerves that relaxes the body after periods of stress or danger.

Basically, all we need is a water source, heated or not, to take a shower. From the simplest to the most luxurious options, today there are diverse possibilities of materials, colors, functionalities and technologies to incorporate into bathrooms. American company Fontana Showers has an extensive product line of bathroom accessories that can transform the ordinary and monotonous bathing experience into something interesting, soothing, comfortable and relaxing.

Cortesia de Fontana Showers

Before piped water systems, the first patented shower system looked very little like the one we have today. It was created by William Feetham, an English stove-maker, who developed a system that stored water and released it by turning on chains. Showers became more popular in the mid-19th century by a prison doctor in Rouen, France, who replaced individual baths with mandatory communal showers for use by prisoners, arguing that they were more economical and hygienic. Since then, showers have gained popularity and are found in almost every home (in various configurations). Below, we present an overview of the latest technologies for high-end showers through Fontana Showers solutions:

Cortesia de Fontana Showers

Materials: From matte to gloss

Although there are simpler options –such as plastic–, most showerheads are made of metal materials. The finish on a shower system is generally a choice guided by aesthetics over other factors. In general, coherence is sought between the finishes of the accessories present in the bathroom (faucets, showers, towel rails, etc), but this is not a strict rule. The most common and appreciated options today are the following:


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