Do you need a toilet light? – Reviewed

While bidets may be one of the more popular toilet accessories, a toilet light is quickly becoming a close second. Before you write it off as just another fad, consider that a toilet bowl light can help increase bathroom safety, style, and cleanliness. You may think a toilet light isn’t for you, but hear us out.

What is a toilet light?

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Fumbling to find your way to the toilet in the middle of the night is now a thing of the past.

Simple in design and concept, a toilet light is exactly what it sounds like; a light for your toilet. Becoming increasingly popular since the IllumiBowl debuted on Shark Tank, there are now hundreds of competing motion-activated toilet lights on the market with features like UV sterilization, aromatherapy scents, and color-changing LEDs. Toilet lights are available individually or in packs of two or more.

How does a toilet light work?

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Maintain that fresh and clean smell in your bathroom with the help of this aromatherapy LED toilet light.

Toilet lights use built-in motion sensors to turn the light on when you lift the lid or move nearby if the lid is already in an upright position. Since most toilet lights are sensor-based, the light automatically shuts off after a certain period of time once it no longer detects motion. Some toilet lights can be left on all day long while others dim when you leave the room, but don’t turn off completely.

Toilet lights don’t offer millions of color options like smart bulbs and LED light strips, but you’ve got a rainbow of possibilities at your fingertips with options like red, geren, blue, and yellow. Most lights have a button on the side that allows you to choose between one color or rotating through all of them.

Powered by disposable or rechargeable batteries, you don’t need a tech degree or a construction license to add a toilet light to your bathroom, making it an easy project to tackle after work or while the kids are at school.

Most toilet lights have an adjustable arm that hooks onto the side of the bowl and is placed underneath the toilet seat. Some models rely on adhesive or suction cups, which can be a better option if you have a uniquely shaped toilet bowl.

Why do you need a toilet light?

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Reduce the chance of accidents with the guidance of a toilet light.

From the young to the old, the benefits of a toilet light are as easy to see as an illuminated toilet in the dark. Toilet lights can help potty-training toddlers see in the dark during middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. After all, you don’t want to get blinded by the bright LEDs in your bathroom at 2 a.m. Even worse, waking up your sleeping household with your overhead high beams.

With a toilet light, the mood stays sleepy, the scariness of a darkened room melts away, and the bathroom stays functional for a little person who hasn’t yet perfected using the toilet, let alone using a toilet in the dark. Plus, kids love the fun colors, which can help ease any toilet fears.

The lights can be just as beneficial …….



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