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EDITION LIGNATUR is an exclusive collection of furniture made from natural wood, and is the result of many years of bathroom know-how from KEUCO combined with leading manufacturer TEAM 7’s traditional art of woodworking. Every element of EDITION LIGNATUR furniture has been individually created by the Design House Tesseraux + Partner, as these unique pieces are custom-made and hand built for each and every order.

The original offering of premium natural wood surfaces has been extended, and now includes a distinctive range of wild white oak furniture. Each piece of this light wild oak series features uniquely prominent dark knots. To enhance these natural features, the entire surface is treated with a special formula that includes a natural white oil which helps to give the furniture its distinct appearance. The wild white oak joins the other premium real wood finishes in the range which include noble walnut, oak and Venetian oak. The Venetian oak furniture is made of aged oak piles from the lagoon city of Venice, with their natural shipworm markings as a key feature. Each piece of EDITION LIGNATUR solid wood has its own individual markings, making it one of a kind.

Image credit: KEUCO

As well as introducing the wild white oak finish, the range is also including an additional washbasin, fitting and mirror cabinet options, extending the possibilities for designing exclusive bathrooms. You can now choose from a range of single or double washbasin units and counter top washbasins, as well as side units, tall units and bench seats. The vanity units for surface mounted round washbasins, as well as side units and the coordinated side units, are available with a choice of either with ceramic or glass cover plates.

KEUCO fittings and accessories create a harmonious visual appearance with surfaces in classic chrome or new brushed finishes, including bronze, champagne-coloured nickel, or trendy black chrome. The EDITION LIGNATUR free-standing accessories for the washbasin and toilet incorporate different types of wooden furniture and designs into the range.

Washbasins made of Varicor or ceramic can be combined with these noble wood surfaces. Round ceramic surface mounted washbasins in white or slate grey complement the product range, and a specially developed free-standing fitting stands enhanced in the middle of the washbasin. The washbasins can also be combined with KEUCO on-wall fittings.

Image credit: KEUCO

The EDITION LIGNATUR mirror cabinet offers a perfect combination of wood, mirrors and light accentuating the natural wood elements of the design, while the shelf inners, rear wall and exterior side panels all made of matching wood. This triple-sided light frame makes it a real highlight in the bathroom and comes as either as a classic on-wall or recessed mirror cabinet.

Image credit: KEUCO

The open shelf  is the perfect stage for your favourite products, while the LED lighting can be dimmed by means of a panel giving you the possibility of changing the light colour from warm white to daylight.

The aim of perfectly crafted products is to combine aesthetic forms with sensible functionalities, and this is a claim that is consistently taken into account with this collaborative bathroom collection, right from the idea through to the implementation.


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