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Described as a “moment of collective reflection”, investigating the complex links between design, the built environment and nature, Prada Frames is an upcoming multidisciplinary symposium curated by Formafantasma for the Italian luxury design house Prada, at the National Braidense Library in Milan, Italy. Set to take place between June 6-8 during Milan Design Week 2022, in the Brera Design District, the event brings together a host of distinguished speakers from an assortment of disciplines to ruminate on forest ecosystems, their relationships with the timber industry, and the potential role of design in reconfiguring the dynamics between them. Over three days of talks, running in parallel to the festivities of Salone del Mobile.Milano, the conference will examine and correlate innovative thoughts while presenting an exceptional wealth of knowledge on the topics at hand.

The symposium will investigate the links between design, the built environment, and nature Image: Courtesy of Formafantasma

Based in Rotterdam and Milan, Formafantasma is a research and design studio founded by Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi back in 2009, which strives to facilitate a deeper understanding of both the natural world and the built environment. Working on commercial ventures and more autonomous design projects, the studio’s output is typified by meticulous attention to context, process, and detail, unified by a coherent visual vocabulary.

Curated by Formafantasma, the event will bring a host of esteemed speakers together for three days of talks Image: Courtesy of Formafantasma

In this regard, the perspectives to be presented at Prada Frames will straddle the boundaries between science, architecture, design, art, activism, anthropology, and law, bringing together a plethora of esteemed professionals from each of these fields. The roster of speakers contains names such as Paola Antonelli, Aric Chen, Alice Rawsthorn, Stefano Boeri, Paulo Tavares, Ursula Biemann, Cave Bureau, Sissel Tolaas, Anna Tsing, David Monacchi, Beatrice Leanza, Marianne Goebl, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Amitav Ghosh, Eyal Weizman, and Rebecca Lewin as well as Formafantasma themselves. Combining the educational, scientific, and informative, the symposium expands upon Formafantasma’s proclivity towards investigating the historical, political, and social implications of design.

Over six sessions, with two occurring each day, the symposium aims to explore relationships between forests and the timber industry, and the role of design in reconfiguring the dynamics between them Image: Courtesy of Formafantasma

Speaking with STIR, Farresin elaborates on Formafantasma’s role in the conference: “In Milan we have several presentations. The one that at the moment is making us most concerned is the project we are doing for Prada. It’s three days of conferences at the Braidense National Library, a historic library in the city. It’ll be three days about ecology, so we have invited 30 speakers from all over the world to speak about forests.” He adds, “We did an exhibition called Cambio at the Serpentine Gallery two years ago along a similar theme and thought that we would take some of the knowledge we acquired there for the symposium.”

The roster of speakers includes Paola Antonelli, Aric Chen, Alice Rawsthorn, Stefano Boeri, Paulo Tavares, Ursula Biemann, and Cave Bureau, among many othersImage: Courtesy of Formafantasma

The three-day event will consist of a series of six sessions, with two occurring every day – each assigned a unique theme tying it to the overarching narrative of the symposium, which will be explored through readings, debates, conversations, and video projections. ‘Contextualising’ – the first …….



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