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Want to achieve a new look for your home this year? Style your abode with a timeless elegance and combine home pieces with golden palettes and furnishing. To completely pull this vibe off, here’s a great read for inspiration and guide in achieving a luxurious feel at your space with Wilcon Depot.

Bright lighting pieces

Lighting is one of the essential pieces at home. It sets the mood and ambiance of your home spaces. These lights with golden accents from Alphalux can add a sparkling touch of elegance and luxury to your space. It can give a classic style that is enduring and unpretentious, complementing a grandiose feeling in your space.

Flashy home decors

When incorporating stylistic decoration trends, you’ll need to play with symmetry. Opting for flashy gold accents can add personality and stunning statements to your space. Count on a variety of golden decor pieces from Heim to create a more relaxed and welcoming home. 

Exquisite modern furniture

Pick the furniture that balances luxury with clean lines and simplicity. Create a graceful and modern aesthetic with the latest collection of golden-finished furniture from Heim. It carries unique designs that range from modern and minimal to country and contemporary style. Plus, these home pieces are ideal for mixing gold splashes in your home for visually pleasing rooms.

Gorgeous gold-framed mirrors

Dressing your walls with golden finish mirrors can beautifully add a bit of the timeless look that comes in different sizes and shapes. Aside from the traditional wall arts, displaying a collection of mirrors can elevate the overall look of your home. Mirrors can also make an illusion of a larger space. Add mirrors with golden frames from Heim that offer a wide variety of mirrors ranging from free-standing and minimal-looking ones to irregular shapes.

Lavish tiles 

Going gold on your bathroom tiles can give a glamorous touch and breathe in sophisticated elegance in your privy space. Choose to install lavish gold-toned tiles that are crafted with Greek-inspired designs, shapes, and patterns, bringing in a luxurious vibe throughout your whole bathing space. Energie Ker, Basel,, and Gardenia Orchidea and Energie Ker carry tiles with a golden touch for unique and bold streaks of style and design.

Stylish bathroom accessories and fixture

Add a gleam of gold in your bathroom space with various accessories that have fancy gold lines and a chrome finish. Maintain a clutter-free vanity space with these bathroom accessories from Heim and Home Basics, and give your room a pleasant upgrade with Kohler and Grohe bathroom fixtures with golden tint looks. 

Royal-themed housewares

Bring a rich and royal theme to your kitchen and fill it with shades of gold kitchen essentials. These kitchen organizing essentials will surely glitter up your room. Choosing housewares in gold finishes makes your kitchen space look harmonious and refined. Get your housewares from Heim, Homebasics, and Sefa for an assortment of gold accents gleaming in your kitchen.

Impress your family with these gold accents and finishes that can give your home a classic and timeless-looking interior. Achieve the refined and balanced elegance that your new home deserves and get the look you dreamed of with Wilcon Depot.

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