Growing Culture of DIY Surges the Demand for Home Improvement Tools on Flipkart –

December 21, 2021 by No Comments

Owing to Indians spending a lot of time indoors – observing every minute detail in their homes which they probably would have overlooked all this while, has resulted in the ‘Do-It-Yourself” trend seeing growing interest. 

E-commerce marketplace Flipkart has observed a 56.62 percent year-on-year growth in this particular segment. A large part of the sale was witnessed from Tier III and beyond cities and was majorly driven by men (about 83 percent). The most searched items have been the drill machine, inverters with battery, umbrella, bathroom accessories, glue gun, soldering iron, solar panel battery, and washing machines. 
All this time has encouraged people to undertake home improvements and various other small craft and construction projects as both a creative/recreational and cost-saving activity. They have started experimenting and exploring their potential in diverse home activities that involve group engagements as part of the family and skill-building activity, bringing the DIY culture back to its supreme. Today, more than ever, many startups and businesses have begun offering options to assemble and re-create items to engage customers through an experience-building process. 
Through the years, as personalized interior designing, the advent of e-commerce, and free pick up and delivery opportunities evolved, the DIY home improvement market was propelled, segmented by-products in tools and hardware, kitchen and others. 

Trends around decorating household spaces and upgrading bathroom accessories were observed as people engaged themselves in indoor activities to relieve themselves from the fatigue of work. This led to the surge of plant containers, power and hand tool kit, Cloth Dryer stand, power drill, angle grinder, where some of the top products were purchased under the home improvement tool category.
Gardening emerged as one of the popularly sought activity thus planting and plant pot decorations peaked the indoor interior setup trends witnessing the sales of Plant Container, Plant Seed, Plant Sapling, Grass Trimmer, Hose Pipe, and Soil Manure. In the gardening section alone Flipkart observed 60.91 percent Y-O-Y growth. In this regard, the e-commerce marketplace made an affordable collection of plant seeds starting from Rs 49 available such as Agami, Visko, Buildkill, and Aero seeds.



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