Here’s How To Incorporate Trendy Checkered Print Into Your Home Decor – House Digest

If you want to start using the checkered trend in a small but noticeable way, Aesthetic Roomcore suggests adding smaller items such as tapestries, art, bedding, or desk accessories. They are a relatively cheap and temporary alternative to a more expensive and permanent design commitment. They also explain that this trend can complement a wide range of different aesthetic choices, such as vintage, indie, and grunge, so it’s definitely something we can all try.

Decoist¬†adds that checkered print can be a little risky, so it’s important to be careful when you incorporate it into your home decor. Adding smaller touches is the perfect way to avoid a disaster. They recommend throw-blankets, accent pillows, or even lamp shades. Another way to keep it simple is to go for checkered patterns in muted colors as opposed to bold and bright colors. Taupe, off-white, or power blue make excellent, understated options.



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