Here’s how you can uplift a washroom using the right accessories – Times of India

A washroom is premised as a tranquil setting and it ought to be statuesque. From being a private haven to being called luxurious, washrooms have very extensively acquired a place in peoples’ hearts. With evolving times, the requisites of a washroom space have undergone a huge change. So, how do we uplift our bathrooms using sustainable products that redefine our experience?

Once you have restructured and designed your washroom interiors according to your taste and colour shade, you can begin re-organising them in all other ways.

“A place for everything and everything in place, exclusive cabinets help clear the clutter and boost space optimisation. A plethora of high-tech and advanced products are convenient and less sloppy. Make your bathroom automatic in every sense of the word and start with using automated products like sensor taps, automated soap or paper dispensers, urinal flushers, and more. You can also install self-closing taps with dual functionality of water utilization and the availability of a sustainable alternative for manual taps. They are water-saving and suitable for residential as well as commercial usage,” says Bhagirath Sorathiya, founder of a home solution brand.

Automatic dustbins are safe and durable options to avoid littering. Behind mirror accessories are more functional and also help to keep the space minimalistic. “Create a perfect place to calm your senses after a hectic day of work with a floral touch to your washroom through beautiful pots and flowers with some scented candles. The right accessories that balance and unite with your space are quintessential. Illuminate your washrooms with beautiful lights and bulbs to accentuate the rest of the settings,” suggests Sorathiya.



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