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A young girl from Kansas once said, “There’s no place like home.”

That’s true no matter your age, but remaining at home as you age can bring its own challenges—and may require some new additions like grab bars, shower seats or chair lifts.

Too often, though, people think adding these important mobility helpers to a home means creating a sterile, hospital-style atmosphere. And in the past, that might have been true.

Today, however, modifying your home to meet the needs of a loved one doesn’t mean you have to forgo all sense of style. In fact, you’ll be surprised at just how easily mobility aids and other helpful modifications will mesh with the current style of your home.

“Make these things part of your home,” said Sarabeth Asaff South, a home and garden writer for Fixr.com and an advocate for universal design and disability accommodations in the home. “If they match all the other details in your home, no one’s going to look twice at them.”

Home modification options abound

In the past, finding stylish home modification options like grab bars and doorknobs could be difficult, but many companies have added trendy and stylish options to their product lines.

“There really are a lot of things on the market,” South said. “It’s just becoming more mainstream now. It used to be specialty companies and higher-end companies. Now you can just order stuff on Amazon.”

From grab bars that double as toilet-paper holders to fold-down shower seats and chair lifts, caregivers can choose from plenty of different companies.

“You don’t have to get white plastic rails like in a hospital room,” South said.

No matter the style of your home, you can find items that fit your needs and your decor. A variety of well-known companies offer home modification products in many of their styles and finishes. Kohler, for example, offers a line of toilets, sinks, faucets and grab bars that match their other accessories.

Other companies that offer home modification products in multiple styles and finishes include Moen, Watermark, American Standard and Ginger. And CVS Health recently announced the addition of a new line of products designed specifically with both comfort and visual appeal in mind.

The CVS Health by Michael Graves Design line is the result of in-home research that resulted in products with an “aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic style,” said Brenda Lord, vice president of store brands at CVS Health. 

“By filling an unmet need for functional, but beautifully designed products, we aim to help improve the everyday lives of those who rely on these tools and who are seeking a more premium and customized market offering.”

Making changes

Finding the right products that match your home style doesn’t have to be difficult. South recommends starting with what you have.

“If you know the brands you already have installed, I would start there,” she said. Many companies already have a line of accessible products that will match your current decor.

Don’t despair, though, if you don’t know who made your current fixtures. Check out some of the companies mentioned above. Items like grab bars can often be made in any finish and with any escutcheons (the decorative piece that hides the hardware holding a grab bar or towel bar to the wall).

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