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September 4, 2022 by No Comments

Having a leaf garland to hang around the fireplace mantel is a surefire way to establish a leaf aesthetic within the home. Craft a leaf garland with a couple of steps, as outlined by The Pink Envelope. The first step would be to gather leaves outdoors and tie five to 10 leaves together with long floral wire around the stems, and then continue to tie together leaf bunches. Tie a piece of string to the front and the back of the floral wire project to enable easy placement when hanging. Think of different ways to use your garlands, advises Angela Neal per SF Gate. “Not only can they be used around doorways and windows, but along mantels, across the tops of large pieces of furniture, down staircase railings, or as an oblong centerpiece for a holiday table or buffet.”

Make a leaf garland from the paper with old books (via Hallmark Channel). Grab pieces of brown paper to twist into tree branches. Baling wire could be used to keep leaves intact. Trace leaves onto old book pages, and use a hobby knife to cut out the leaf shapes. Spray paint them red, orange, yellow, or green. Use a hole punch to create holes in all the leaves to pull through string to wrap around the brown paper branch. These branches could be hung on walls or around entryways. This classic application can add a formal, casual, or boho vibe to the space, depending on the color and material of the leaves you use, which means that you can totally adapt this idea to your style.



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