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A bathroom heater can transform a terrible bathroom into a warm paradise, as long as you pick the right one.

Picture this: you step out of a steaming shower, into your glistening clean bathroom, and plant your feet into your soft, plush bathmat. You wrap yourself in your favourite fluffy bath towel and take your time making your way to the mirror, where, despite the steam, you can see your face perfectly, and begin to get ready for the day in absolute comfort.

All this can be achieved with the magic of a bathroom heater. No more cold tiles, freezing feet, or hanging around in the shower just a little too long. With the addition of a bathroom heater, cold shock is gone and your bathroom is a great place to be.

Choosing the right bathroom heater is important, and luckily, it’s easy to do. It’s simply a matter of knowing your options and understanding your needs. Canstar Blue has put together a handy guide to bathroom heaters and even thrown in some options, so you can spend less time searching and more time staying snug.

6 best bathroom heaters

Bathrooms come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to pick a heater that suits your space. While the options can be endless, Canstar Blue has done the hard yards for you and picked the best bathroom heaters on offer, with units to suit everything from floor to ceiling.

Best wall-mounted heater

Nobo 1000W Slimline Wall Mount Panel Electric Heater – $489.95*

A wall-mounted heater is a great space saver, ideal for those with small bathrooms. The Nobo 1000W slimline panel heater is especially well suited for those who want to bring the heat but don’t want their unit sticking out like a sore thumb. Built at only 5.5cm thick, this heater has concealed air vents to remove visual clutter and can slide in anywhere; it also features a 1000W power output, and operates at decimals quiet enough to be suitable for bathrooms, or living areas.

Key features of the Nobo 1000W Slimline Wall Mount Heater include:

  • Heating capacity: 1000W
  • Ultra-accurate thermostat (fluctuating only 0.1°C)
  • IP24 rated (protection against moisture ingress)
  • Conceals vents and blends into the wall
  • Quiet
  • Recommended room size: 10m²

Best portable heater

Olimpia Splendid 2200W Ceramic Heater − $189*

A portable heater is your best friend come winter. Whether you’re chilling out on the couch, working hard in the study, or primping in the bathroom, your warm little mate can go wherever you go. The Olimpia Splendid ceramic heater (CALDOSTILE DT) features a touch screen display, remote control, a tip-over switch, and an anti-ice function. It also has the bonus of coming with a high heat output, an oscillating design to encourage warm airflow, and a timer, so you can heat the bathroom before you even walk in.

Key features of the Olimpia Splendid Ceramic Heater include:

  • Heating capacity: 2200W
  • Thermostat & timer
  • Lightweight (2.6Kg)
  • Oscillating heat distribution

Best ceiling heater

Profile Plus 4 LED Bathroom Heater With Exhaust Fan − $284 – $304*

Good light is critical in the bathroom, so if a ceiling heater is what you’re after, make sure you pick one that can light …….



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