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If you love to travel, you have probably stayed in small cozy hotels with a homely atmosphere. Such hotels are called Bed & Breakfast or B&B. Nothing extra: just an overnight stay and a morning meal. So if you want to start your own B&B business, there are a few things to consider. What are the features of B&B? What will be needed to start? Is there any software for the rental business? (Spoiler: yes, there is. For example, this one —

What is a Bed & Breakfast hotel?

Bed and Breakfasts are private mini-hotels where the owners often live on the same property as the guests. Usually, this is a family business, but some responsibilities can be delegated to incoming specialists – for example, a cleaning service. Distinctive features of B&B hotels:

  • A small number of rooms. The hotel can be located in a separate house or an apartment for 3-4 rooms.
  • Breakfast is included in the price. Lunch and dinner must either be paid for separately or ordered elsewhere, for example, in a cafe, restaurant, or lounge. Many hosts add a guide to their account, indicating interesting nearby places.
  • A homely, cozy atmosphere allows the guest to feel comfortable and get to know the flavor of the local culture. Each B&B is individual and has its unique atmosphere created by the house owners.
  • Loyal pricing policy. As a rule, the cost of living in B&B is lower than in large hotels.

Do not confuse B&B with hostels. In hostels, as a rule, a bed in a room is rented out, and in B&B — the whole apartment. Also, some B&B hotels have the opportunity to cook their meals. It is convenient, especially for people with dietary or specific eating habits.

Key Benefits of B&B Business

If you are considering starting your own property rental business, then maybe Bed & Breakfast is an excellent idea. And that’s why:

  • You can embody your ideas regarding the interior of your hotel, its atmosphere, and its image. Do you want to furnish rooms in a loft style? Great idea! Love medieval themes? Let’s bring it to life in apartment design. Are you a fan of Moomin books or Harry Potter? Make it your unique feature!
  • You can develop a business in your own home. If a separate building is purchased or rented for classic hotels, then B&B can even be arranged in your apartment! The main thing is to provide everything necessary for the comfort of guests. You can not only develop your business at home: your home will become your business!
  • Minimum investment. As a rule, the bulk of the costs at the start of a B&B business goes to equipping a bathroom in each room. However, in some small hotels, there may be only one bathroom. The main thing is that the bathroom is clean, and the guests always have the necessary bath accessories and consumables at their disposal.
  • Flexible work schedule. Most Bed & Breakfast hotels are open 7/24/365, but if you need a break, you can always do so. It will allow you to adapt the business to the circumstances of your life.

You can also realize your culinary talents. Opportunity to discover your culinary …….



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