How To Steal Hilary Duff’s Bright And Family-Friendly Home Style – House Digest

Let the furnishings and decor of your home be a reflection of who you are without worrying about may happen the wear and tear from pets, kids, and friends. Hilary Duff points to the top of the credenza, pictured above, which is covered with watermarks from years of use. She’s okay with that because, as she says in an interview with Architectural Digest (via YouTube), that’s what makes her house feel like a home. 

Duff bought the credenza over 15 years ago because the design reminded her of a woman’s corset. Whether you shop online, at flea markets and estate sales, or at retailers, pick out furnishings that not only function well for your needs but that inspire a connection in you. If your cat scratches the furniture or a child gets ahold of some paint, you can almost always repair the item or cover it up. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use coasters or only buy water-soluble markers, but the preciousness of your home is about the people and the memories you create rather than the things you own. 



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