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I spend an abnormal amount of time in my bathroom, mostly curating my shelves and applying toners, serums, and moisturizers (in that order). And if there was ever a spot in my apartment that could use a makeover (trust that there are plenty), the bathroom is at the top of the list. Sadly, retiling the floor and swapping out the vanity were all out of the question lest I kiss my security deposit goodbye, so I embarked on a mission to transform my bathroom through decor alone. The inspiration? The Orient Green Juice Shower Curtain by Quiet Town. Read on to discover how I did it and visit the Design Milk Shop for more modern bath finds.



With its modern, color blocked design and soothing green palette, Quiet Town’s Green Juice Shower Curtain was the star of the show. Offering a look that’s as refreshing as its name suggests, the Green Juice curtain immediately brightened up my bathroom, injecting life and color where it was lacking. And unlike my flimsy old shower curtain, Quiet Town’s durable cotton canvas delivers real weight and quality – factor in the nickel plated grommets and unique details like the rounded corners and diagonal seams, and I know this shower curtain will be in my bathroom for a long, long time.

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To play up the green tones in the shower curtain, I went for Quiet Town’s Prescott Pine Bath Rug. The peach and turquoise blue accents make for a fun contrast and keep the green color mood from overpowering the space. I love the rug’s abstract reimagining of an Arizona mountain landscape, and the natural feel it brings to the room. Also important, the hand-woven flat weave design is quick to dry and feels great on your feet after a shower.

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New countertop storage can go a long way in sprucing up your bathroom, and these Departo Bathroom vessels were just what I needed. Made of the brand’s signature smooth ceramic, the bath vessel features an extended half lip edge for a modern touch that’s made natural thanks to its unglazed ceramic detail. A small but special touch that helps ritualize my time at my vanity. I opted for the chalk white colorway for a crisp look that’ll complement the bold Green Juice curtain.

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Departo’s lidded bathroom vessel is perfect for cotton rounds, swabs, hair pins, and all the other odds and ends that linger on my counter. The glazed ceramic was a refreshing departure from my old transparent glass storage, giving the illusion of a clutter-free counter by keeping the contents out of sight. The vessel’s unglazed edges add a tactile element to my bathroom decor, and pairs perfectly with the aforementioned Departo vessel for a cohesive vanity aesthetic – without the hefty price tag I might add!

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The hub for my other Departo storage pieces, their Ceramic Multi-Color Tray brings the whole countertop look together. The simply designed ceramic tray keeps all of my bathroom essentials organized in one place and has a modern shape that won’t ever go out of style. Plus I love …….

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