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When you think of upgrading your home and making it nicer, one of the first things you might factor in is cost. What will the renovation entail? Will it even be worth it? Fear not, because there are surprisingly a multitude of Amazon picks that’ll quickly spruce up your living quarters without breaking the bank — 45 of them, to be exact.

The items on this list are both practical and cleverly designed with an outside-the-box mindset, simply because a lot of them are things you might not’ve known you needed until there was literal photographic evidence of how much they’d help improve your home. Finds like the miracle grout marker and stove gap filler work to solve those everyday inconveniences that tend to add up over time. Even Edison bulb lights and semi-sheer curtains that deserve a gold medal for their sunshine-filtering abilities make a noticeable difference in the feel and quality of your space.

To top it off, the range is kind of impeccable here. You can simultaneously spice up your kitchen with matte cabinet handles and cozy pasta bowls while also leveling up the powder room with a specially designed corner shelf and marble accessory set for extra counter storage. Toss the essential oil diffuser and lazy Susan into the mix and your digs are in for a makeover done at a fraction of the price (and from the convenience of your laptop).


A dual shower head system with a posh rainfall option

I was today years old when I discovered this dual shower head existed and I’m never going back to traditional again. With a handheld hose attached to a rainfall head, the Hydroluxe 1433 is about to take your self-care time to the big leagues. This all-in-one luxury system has a whopping total of 24 water flow options and five high-power water pressure choices to boot. From hydro-mist to economy rain capabilities, making a shopping decision has never been easier.


The airtight glass storage jars for keeping your food fresh

If you’re simply done with paper and plastic food containers that seem to never stop stacking up, these glass food storage jars are a uniform way to keep everything secured and looking fancy. Nontoxic and BPA-free, these jars come in a set of five and are each topped with a silicone-sealed bamboo lid for a natural finish.


This transparent stove gap filler so no crumbs fall through the cracks

You know that mystery space between the stove and the counter? The one where all the lost remnants of dinner go? Cancel out the hidden mess with this heat-resistant silicone gap filler that subtly fills the space so you never have to worry about food spilling through again. This nonslip filler can also be cut to fit most stoves and is available in several sizes so no stove is left behind.


A mounted farmhouse coat rack to store your essentials in plain sight

Instead of stuffing your coats into a hallway closet, consider the smoother alternative of having a go-to rack right by your front door. This farmhouse-inspired coat rack is the answer to storage dilemmas everywhere and makes running out of the house for brunch an ideal situation. Simply mount it onto your entryway wall for this five-hook rack to do its thing. There is …….

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