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IF, like us, you have a homeware obsession and are always looking to add to your collection, you’ll have no doubt shopped the shelves of Primark. 

Now, an interior stylist has revealed the do’s and don’ts of what to buy, including the things to keep your eyes peeled for – and those items you should avoid at all costs. 


Primark home has lots of hidden gemsCredit: Maxine Brady – Tiktok

Maxine Brady, whose TikTok profile is @maxinebradystyling, recently shared a video where she browsed the selection at Primark and said her opinion on what you didn’t need to put into your basket.

She explained: “Hi, my name’s Maxine and I’m a trained stylist. Today I want to show you things to avoid in Primark home so you don’t waste your money.

“First is with the bedding – just check the material it’s made of, if it’s polyester it’s very sweaty, whereas [she shows a set of pillow cases] this is cotton, which is good quality.”

When it came to the bedding department, Maxine also maintained that kids’ bedding featuring cartoons and characters may look “cute” but your children will outgrow it really quickly. 

Next, Maxine said she would avoid any products with “names or slogans on”, such as wall hangings and art, because “it dates really quickly and you won’t like it.”

She also said she wouldn’t be parting with her cash for things like microfibre tea towels when the cottons ones do a better job, or a memory foam bath mat which she described as “dated” and a bit “grannyish.” 

Novelty candles also ended up in the no bin as when lit they lose their shape and look horrible, while she said accessories like wall hangings and small vases don’t “elevate your home”. 

However, Maxine was quick to follow up her post by saying that there are plenty of Primark products that she hugely rates.

She wrote: “This is advice to help you shop better, avoid landfill – and not waste money. Check out my Primark best buys post to see what is worth buying.”

In that post, Maxine highlighted many of her favourite items on sale and lifted the lid on 29 bargain buys.

Maxine pinpointed some wardrobe handles with a teal gem that are “great for upcycling”, a £5 fake marble storage jar for the bathroom and several “on trend candles” that cost as little as £2.50 and photo frames. 

She also said she was a big fan of their face cloths, wire baskets, jewellery box, scented oils, and textiles, including cushions and throws.

Other impressive finds were some bright and colourful £4 tea towels, a vase with a face on it that she said was a dupe from H&M that only cost £8.00. 

While a candle holder looked very similar to one in White Company – but cost a mere £4.


Maxine said Primark’s vase selection was on pointCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk


Maxine was a big fan of the cotton pillow casesCredit: Maxine Brady – Tiktok</…….

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