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SHE’S a dab hand when it comes to DIY.

And Stacey Solomon has gone all out to make son Rex his perfect dinosaur-themed bathroom.


Stacey Solomon has been sharing her renovations of Pickle Cottage on her Instagram pageCredit: Instagram


Stacey shared a look at Rex’s dinosaur themed bathroom, which is nearing completionCredit: Instagram/staceysolomon

The presenter and author took to her Instagram Stories to share a look at the progress in the room.

“The bathroom boys have finally gone home so I can get in here,” she smiled.

“And today we got a shower screen that I’m in love with, a shower, taps and a sink.”

Taking the matter in hand, Stacey grinned: “I’m gonna dino that thing right up.”

She turned to family run business EssexCrafts94 to make two wire dinosaurs and Rex’s name in wire, to stick on the glass shower screen.

And then used her crafting skills for some other dinosaur accessories.

Cutting a hole in a toy dinosaur, that became a toothbrush holder, while she attached a dino foot to the wall with a Command strip for it to become a soap holder.

“I blooming love it!” she told her five million followers.

“Just got to put his mirror up, add a shelf underneath and then I’m going to build some little steps for him tomorrow,” Stacey said of her final plans before the bathroom is done.


The shower and shower screen are now in, along with dinosaur themed accessoriesCredit: Instagram/staceysolomon


Everything had been dino-fied by Stacey, including the soap dispenser


She’d even managed to make a toothbrush holder out of a toy dinosaur, showing her crafty side once again

And predicting people’s concern about the themed-room, she added: “Everything is easily removable without marking for when he grows out of dinos.”

Stacey’s bathroom plans for her little boy come after she built a Cluedo-style games room for her fiance Joe Swash’s 40th birthday earlier this year.

She’s slowly been renovating Pickle Cottage, which she and Joe bought last year, and has been keeping fans updated throughout on her social media pages.

In other Stacey news, she was unimpressed with Joe’s raunchy comments about wanting detention.

She shows off another amazing DIY transformation as she transforms charity shop bargains.

And Stacey sparks rumours that she may have already married fiance Joe.


Little Rex is obsessed with dinosaurs



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