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John Schofield, Sales and Marketing Director at Just Trays, takes a look at the developing trends in bathroom design driven by customers’ re-evaluation of their homes following lockdown.

After more than a year spent at close quarters with their home due to the pandemic, people are experiencing a new need for home renovations and refurbishments as they try transform their home into a safe haven, away from all the chaos and uncertainty in the outside world. 

This thirst for change has driven a shift in bathroom design trends, as consumers seek to maximize a sense of luxury and comfort in their bathrooms as in the rest of the home.

As consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of high volume water usage, the shift from baths to showers has continued to build momentum. 

As a result, more and more bathtubs are replaced with showers, and a large numbers of extensions and refurbishments tend to include an additional shower or shower room. Showers are now being regarded as the focal feature of the bathroom, so shower tray sizes and designs have progressively become crucial aspects for plumbers and engineers to consider. 

Influenced by their experiences of large showering areas in hotels, gyms, and spas, consumers are increasingly opting for bigger trays, in different colour options, to maximise the feeling of luxury within their own home. Stone finishes have been for some time a popular trend in Europe, and it has now reached the UK too. Manufacturers have naturally been quick to respond to those new trend. 

What’s more, the demand for luxury has provided installers with opportunities to upsell, through the use of larger statement showerheads, or brassware that enhance the bathroom’s overall look and feel. Also, this push towards luxury can be maximised as we’ve seen trends towards framed shower enclosures and accessories gain traction. Our newest Black Waste demonstrates how design can meet functionality, in its response to consumer demands for a visual statement.

In this regard, we recommend that plumbers and engineers ensure they always stay ahead of the curve by being conscious of the wide array of sizes, styles, and colours of shower trays that they can offer to their clients, allowing them to cater for different tastes and requirements.



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